About Us

Providing various online web sevices primarily for small businesses.

Such as Website design and development, Search Engine Optimization,

Webhosting solutions, and more

Our Process


Starting off with YOU! We evaluate your needs, wants and discover what is valuable to you in regards to your online needs. Only you can describe to us what your online needs are. This is the most important step of our process. If we aren't able to uncover what you want, then we won't build the correct site for you. For instance, a home buyer can not take the risk of telling the builder, "just build me any house you feel with suit us". Very precise plans are drawn up to relay to the builder exactly what the home buyer wants and needs. The same thing is done in the software engineering world as well.

Your Idea

The next step is to create a design of your idea. In the design phase of our software development process, we keep you heavily involved. Our web designers will use all of the details of your idea that we discovered with you and create a design layout. The design layout is presented to you for adjustments. Our designers will work with you in making adjustments to your design until it meets your expectations and the details of your idea. Once we finalize the design layout of your website, you will sign-off on it. At this point our web developers will begin development of your website using the design layout.

Your Idea

Now the up-front planning phases are complete. Development of your website can now begin. At this point our web developers will use the design layout to begin coding your website. Depending on the complexities of your design, this step in the software development lifecycle normally takes the longest to complete. Our developers will work as diligently as possible to get your site built for you. We never know what hurdles our developers will have to get over in order to fulfill your design order. There's usually some back and forth between you and the developers to get some extra clarity about your design. We want to make sure every detail is to your specification. So we reach out to you from time-to-time for you to review and test. By the time your finished product is implemented, it is exactly the way you want it. Your idea is now being turned into a real website! This is something to really get excited about.

Your Idea

Our final step in developing your website idea. Together, we've gone through a lot to get to this point. An idea from your mind is now born into a real live product. We can now deliver your new website to you. We call this the implementation phase. Implementation will consist of reviewing the final product with you. Get your 2 thumbs up and upload your website to its new home on the webhost. You can have us upload it to any webhost you choose. We also offer affordable webhosting to you for your convenience. We want to deliver a complete package for you. Your online success does not stop after the implementation of your new website. Your website must be continuously maintained. Which will require updates from time-to-time. If you select our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, then we will need to constantly be measuring traffic to your site and the behavior of your visitors. Our SEO services provides you with a service that will continuously strive for improving your search engine ranking.



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